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STEM Southwest Podcast

Mar 22, 2020

Matt Johnson is a world-renown filmmaker specializing in weddings.  In this episode, he shares how his involvement in competitive robotics led him to use technology in media arts. Matt’s talent, coupled with his amazing business partner wife, Rachel Johnson, have built their company, Filmstrong, into a much sought-after business.  As a STEM professional, Matt shares more on the growing use of media arts and how it is impacting every corner of STEM and every STEM professional.  In the interview, he shares how video helps to communicate the power of your story, innovative products and ideas, all while building relationships is the power of videography, and all STEM professionals need to continue learning these important principles.

In this episode, join host Shelly and our sound editor, Makenzie Gruenig, to learn more about this STEM Rockstar, the bearded guy who loves technology, his wife, his fans, and sharing Jesus with others.... just Who is Matt?  Also, be sure to take advantage of his gift for our listeners - 20% off his online wedding film editing course!


Show Notes


Film Strong

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Vimeo (WhoisMatt)

Boris FX

Venture Workshop

Wedding Film Framework

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